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Nutrativa Global™. Better…Naturally.

In the very heart of Wisconsin, in a small town surrounded by cranberry bogs, dairy farms and pristine nature as far as the eye can see, a visionary team of researchers, scientists and food manufacturing professionals at Nutrativa Global™ are pioneering the future of natural fruit powders and oils…products that will change the food, beverage, dietary supplement and cosmetic industries.

The fruit powders and oils manufactured by Nutrativa Global™ add flavor and function to leading fruit drinks, dietary and nutritional supplements, health bars, natural food products, weight loss regimens, skin care products, animal nutrition products and more. These natural ingredient products are grown, harvested and processed in the US, and can be found in nearly every corner of the world.

Nutrativa Global, formerly known as Northern Lights Food Processing, was founded in 1999 with the introduction of a unique line of natural cranberry protein powders and oils. What started with the tart and tiny native Wisconsin cranberry has now evolved to include fruit oils and powders derived from flavorful blueberries, grapes, black raspberries, red raspberries, blackberries and even chia seeds. Our products are transforming the dietary supplement and functional food industries, offering exceptional purity, functionality and unmatched quality.