About Nutrativa Global™

About Nutrativa Global™

Native Nutrition

The earliest Native Americans lived according to the central belief that every part of a plant was valuable and useful. Little to nothing was ever wasted. Instead, new uses were continually found to maximize the potential of the entire plant. Nutrativa Global was founded on the principal of unlocking the nutritional potential of fruit seeds and skins. Today Nutrativa Global™ is the premier supplier of fruit oils and powders, implementing the benefits of natural fruit essences in a wide range of ingredient applications.

Truly Functional. Always Natural.

Central Wisconsin is home to some of the largest cranberry growing and processing facilities in the world. Every day, hundreds of tons of cranberries are juiced, leaving the skins and seeds as a natural byproduct. Nutrativa Global recognized the potential and intrinsic value of these natural byproducts and created unique processes to capture the nutrient rich oils from the miniscule cranberry seeds. These oils are now used in a wide range of nutritional and cosmetic product ingredients. In the same manner, Nutrativa developed patented processes to transform the nutritionally abundant cranberry skins into multi-functional protein powders that are used in dairy products like yogurt and butter spreads as well as in nutritional bars, baking flours, and hundreds of other products.

Fruit Oils & Powders

What started with the diminutive cranberry has since expanded to include a variety of other fruit products. In response to the increasing food industry demand for functional, natural and nutritious ingredients, Nutrativa Global has added many fruit ingredient varieties, including fruit oils and powders derived from flavorful blueberries, grapes, black raspberries, red raspberries, blackberries and even chia seeds. We will continue to offer new fruit ingredients, and welcome the opportunity to meet your specific needs.

We Offer Conventional & Organic Ingredients

USDA CertifiedMOSA Organic Certificate
issued 12 December 2013.

MOSA Certification

our technology
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