Red Raspberry Powder

Red Raspberry and Red Raspberry Powder

Nutrativa Global offers a Red Raspberry Powder with all of the ellagic acid and quercetin-phenolic compounds found in natural red raspberries in a form that is convenient to package, transport, store and utilize.

Red raspberry powder is a component that is frequently used in the manufacturing of:
  • Health bars
  • Healthy snacks
  • Dietary supplements
  • Natural food product
  • Beverages
  • Nutrient supplements
The main reason for the increase in demand for red raspberry powder, aside from its rich flavor, is that more and more studies point to the short- and long-term health benefits that it provides. Common ailments that may benefit from products with red raspberry powder are:
  • Gastrointestinal tract disorders, including diarrhea
  • Respiratory system disorders
  • Heart problems
  • Fever
  • Diabetes
  • Vitamin deficiency
  • It is also used to promote sweating, urination, and bile production.

Red Raspberry Powder and Cancer

Manufacturers of food and dietary products know the importance of developing products that help with the prevention or treatment of cancer.

Red raspberry powder is rich in ellagic acid, which tests have shown to have a positive effect in the treatment of cancer. Studies in laboratories point to the use of ellagic acid in correlation with the death of cancer cells, the reduction of the growth of breast cancer cells and the removal or dissolution of specific carcinogenic substances in the blood. While the results of these tests haven’t received full recognition, it is expected that the demand for products that contain ellagic acid, like red raspberry powder, will increase as more tests are performed and validated.

The Rise of Natural and Health Products

With the increase in death rates from heart disease and cancer in the developed world, consumers are increasingly avoiding industrialized food and turning back to natural foods. This tendency will only increase with time. We at Nutrativa Global are proud to be among the pioneers of this trend.

We take great pride in our processes that ensure that all the nutrients of the red raspberry fruit transfer to its powder form without losing nutritional and health value.

If you manufacture or process food, drink or health products, a call to Nutrativa Global is a smart choice. Contact us today to learn how you and your customers can benefit from the high quality and natural value of Nutrativa Global and our patented Red Raspberry Powder or any other of our natural products.
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